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Short form: I LOVED IT!

Long Form:
  1. Oswald gave me nightmares! Bill Pullman played him perfectly, creepy, slimy, yeah, played perfectly, *shivers*
  2. Rex, I'm of two minds, I liked him, he was played perfectly as a young "up and come" at the CIA trying to make a big name for himself, but Phifer played him almost too well, I was like, "Wow, you're a dick dude."
  3. Esther was positively adorable, I'm sorry, I just found her totally precious and innocent, a lot like Gwen at the start of Series 1, but way more likable for some reason. Gwen had to grow on me, and now she's one of my favs, but it definitely took time.
  4. Dr. Vera (whatever her last name was) was suitably curious and angry, and righteous
  5. Gwen, Gwen is back and a total BAMFG, like I said, Gwen had to grow on me, and it really took until CoE to make it stick, but now, Gwen is awesome, the scene where she's feeding the baby and telling her about her dream was perfect. Then the scene with her mum, "Yes Mum, I'm feeding her lard!" I laughed so hard at that, and then when she told her mum to back off about the baby's weight, I was like, "YES! YOU GO FIERCE MAMA GWEN!"
  6. Rhys, there are just not enough synonyms for the word adorable.
  7. Andy (see #6)
  8. JACK , JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Jack is back! YAY! YAY! YAY! He's back with awesome levels of fierceness! "Never annoy me again!" *giggles* "Nice to meet you Esther." *awwwww* "Owen Harper, FBI." *Sniffles and giggles* "Can't leave you alone for a minute!" *Cheers* 
  9. Baby Anwen is completely the most precious child, love that!
  10. Overall, episode 1 was awesome, amazing, wonderful, just yes, yes, yes, yes!
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