Jan. 29th, 2011

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So, here it is, thanks to sariagray for the two-round beta, and Jooles34 for the moral support.

Disclaimer: I’d love it if I owned Torchwood, ooooh, the things I could do! But sadly, nope, not me.

Author’s Note: my first story, more of a list fic, but I want to actually turn it into something more….maybe….depends if people like it this way or not

A/N 2: Please be kind? Please? :)

A/N 3: CoE compliant whether I want it to be or not


Things Jack realized upon his return to Earth 

Day One:

1)      Arriving on the hilltop he left from, strictly to be ironic only works if someone is there to see it.

2)      No one was.

3)      Introducing him to Alonso was nice of the Doctor, but Jack would have preferred having his vortex manipulator fixed.

4)      Alcohol only makes teleporting worse.

5)      He was glad Gwen and her family were safe; at least, he hoped they were safe.

Day Two:

1)      Gwen’s still got a great right hook.

2)      So does Rhys.

3)      He shouldn’t be surprised that the baby can throw a mean punch as well.

4)      Being nonchalant works anywhere in the universe, just not in Wales.

5)      And not with her. Like it or not, she knew him too well.

Day Three:

1)      Coffee doesn’t taste the same anymore.

2)      A man in a well-cut suit doesn’t look the same anymore.

3)      He made it to see his grave, and smiled at the sight of a red UNIT cap sitting perched on a bag of roast coffee (thanks Martha). He knew that if Ianto could see everything, he’d be rolling his eyes.

4)      And making a sarcastic comment…or two…or three.

5)      And thinking about what he’d be doing made leaving a tie on the grave marker all the more bittersweet.


Day Four:

1)      Whitehall was still as clueless as ever.

2)      And after thinking about it, they could still kiss his ass.

3)      Dealing with politicians anywhere makes him miss having “the big gun.” Somehow, the Webley is just too nice for them.

4)      Dealing with the politicians who blew him up, THEN sealed him into concrete isn’t what he planned on doing when he returned.

5)      And he really misses that big gun.


Day Five:

1)      He does miss them: Tosh, Owen, Ianto.

2)      Especially Ianto, and it hurts more because he could have told him to stay behind, but deep down he knows that Ianto wouldn’t have listened.

3)      He misses Alice, but hopes that wherever she is, she has some measure of peace.

4)      He can’t think about Steven yet, because that haunts his every waking minute.

5)      But he’s here and there’s real work to be done because people don’t seem to be dying anymore. Time to be the hero again.


If only he still felt like a hero in any sense of the word.


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