Feb. 9th, 2011

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So, um, yea, I think I must have pulled on the wrong shoes this morning, because I've been positively riddled with angst today.

It started when the (help me my British friends, is he a "toss pot" "tosser" "wanker" "git" or a "right pain in the arse") okay, so we'll go with guy for now, who has been bugging me to pay him for breaking the mirror on his car tried to chase me down the parking lot, and then yelled at me.

And now for a little background information:

Alright, yes, I broke the man's car mirror, but he was parked almost completely in my parking spot and I, well, I was having a really BAD morning. PMS, poor parking, and being bloated will make you do CRAAAAAAZY things, especially when you have to suck in your gut to get between your car and the person parked next to you because they're IN YOUR SPOT AND THEIR SPOT!

But then, this "guy" decides that instead of asking me, "Hey did you break my mirror? And why? And could you pay for it please?" he'd rather point blank accuse me, jump in front of my car, (he's fond of that) and use the excuse that because MY mirror was broken, he KNEW that I broke his. Well, that didn't endear him to me at all so I told him where I lived and he could come and find me later, then we'd talk.

So TWO weeks later, he sees me coming home from work early because I was sick, and decides to then accuse me again of breaking his mirror and ask for my insurance. Well, golly I was sure gonna drop everything and help him right? NO F-ING way, not with my hands full of school things, and my throat almost completely swollen. I explained politely that I was ill, and that he needed to come and find me when I wasn't ill, especially since his wife had just delivered their first baby. He said okay, and then as an after thought, decided to tell me that the mechanic had to fix his power window and his mirror, and that he had to pay 300 dollars, and since I broke the mirror that then broke the window, it was my fault and I now owed him 300 dollars instead of just 78 for the mirror. Erm, NO! I told him, again, politely, that he needed to get me proof because my momma, as difficult as she is, didn't raise no fool. He said okay.

Again, two week later (what is it with this guy) I'm pulling into the parking lot late after a staff meeting. He pulls in next to me, it's dark, it's late, I'm alone, and he decides to stand outside my car and wait for me to get out so he can talk to me. Creepy right? Then he says, "Oh, the mechanic said it wasn't the mirror that broke the window (DUH) so all you owe me is 78 dollars." Fine I say, but my identity has been stolen, and I have no checks, you're going to have to wait.

So that leads me to TODAY, again, two weeks or so later. He proceeds to tell me, "Well, it's been months, where's my money?"  I told him, you know, I don't have it, but if you'd have come and talked to me, I could have explained the situation. And he says, "Well I went to your apartment once, but you weren't there!" Okay, help me out here, was I supposed to wait for you at my home, every minute of the day? I'm confused.

He then tells me his apartment number, and agrees to wait 2 more weeks until I get my tax refund and then bring him the money. I will do it, finally, because I'll be able to pay him. But I'm wondering, do I pay him in rolls of coins? 80,000 pennies perhaps? 8 rolls of dimes? Or a pureed mishmash of 80 one dollar bills chopped in my food processor and painted onto a piece of poster paper that reads, "Learn how to park your car!"

A - NYway, this leads me to the rest of my day and feeling like death warmed over, apparently it's given me a story idea, an angsty story, a really really angsty story.

End of rant, thanks for listening. :)

P.S. Who knew the angst plot bunny howled when it wanted attention? I would've never seen that coming.

P.P.S. It's good to get the angst out on the day before the Kindergarten Open House so I can be nice and cheerful and happy.


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