Feb. 19th, 2011

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Two conversations with two of my five year old students:

Story #1:

Student: I like the color green, it's pretty.

Me: Yes, green is a nice color.

Other student: Eww, green! I don't like green. I like red. Red is my favorite color 'cause it's the first one in the rainbow.

Me: Well, all colors are pretty. But you're saying that red is your favorite color, so would you say it was YOUR color?

Other student: Yes, red is my color.

Me: Laughing hysterically for a reason not apparent to my five year old students.

Story #2:

Me: So what is everyone going to dress up as for Halloween?

One child: A pink poodle
Another child: A pwincess
Another child: A dinosaur
Another child: Spiderman

Another child: Captain Jack!

Me: Wait what? You're too young to be watching that show! It's not a good show for a five year old to watch. I think I should have a chat with your mommy tonight.

Other child: Um, Ms. Jolene I meant Captain Jack Sparrow, you know, the pirate?

Me: Oh, oops. Just ignore me now. I patted him on the shoulder and walked over to the window in order to control my laughter.

And in the other reasons catalog: the TARDIS on my classroom wall, my paper cutout of K-9, yep, it's nothing short of an obsession for me. But it's a good obsession no?
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Five months and nine days later


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