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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of it, the BBC, RTD, and Moffat own Doctor Who and Torchwood, the lucky bastards…

Rating: G/PG

Characters: Ten, Jack, Ianto, Gwen, OC

Summary: Jack is preggers, and emotional.

A/N: In which I venture into the dreaded realm of mpreg, oops.

A/N: It’s also quite AU, sorry if that’s not your thing man, but this plot bunny bit, and wouldn’t let go, still hasn’t let go really, I’m starting to get scared…

Beta: zazajb, you are amazing!

For: cookielaura, feel better my dear! Have a bit of fluff from me.

Word Count: 1,792

Spoilers: I dunno, everything, I think, I have no idea….



“Ianto?” the plaintive cry echoed down the long hallway of the archives.



“Jack, you have to give him some space,” the soft voice of Gwen Cooper barely carried into the archives, and Ianto had to strain to hear her.

Thank the gods for small favors, Ianto thought as he rested his head on the table in his small workspace.

“Gwen, would you go and talk to him?”


“Fine Jack, but you have to promise to go and put your feet up. I don’t think Martha would appreciate having to make another run out here if your blood pressure goes haywire.”

“Okay,” he heard Jack say simply.

Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks! He’ll do what she wants, but a simple paint job, he can’t budge from what HE wants.

“Ianto? Sweetheart?”

“Ianto isn’t here right now, but if you leave your name and mobile number, he’ll get back to you shortly, beep!” his remark came out slightly muffled as he had buried his head in his arms when he realised that she was headed towards him.

Gwen laughed, “Very funny. You’re going to have to go and talk to him you know?”

“No I’m not.”

“Ianto, you’re going to have to surface sometime.”

“He’s being unreasonable Gwen.”

“Oh, and hiding in the archives is so much more mature?”

“Gwen, he wants to paint the room orange-yellow! Orange-yellow, a bloody popsicle! No! I mean, what do you think?”

She held up her hands in a mock gesture of surrender and shook her head, “I’m staying out of this argument.”

“Fine,” Ianto replied. He stood up and stalked out of his area and up to the main part of the Hub, “I’ll make him see that I’m right. Orange-yellow, as if I could ever allow that!”

Gwen waited until he was out of earshot before she pulled out her mobile and dialed a number, “Hello? Yes, this is Gwen Cooper, and I have a bit of a situation…”

Ianto paused on his way into the Hub, he could see Jack resting with his eyes closed on the ratty couch behind Tosh’s old workstation. “Jack?”

One blue eye opened slowly, “Yes?”

“You wanted to talk to me?”

Jack swung his long legs over the side of the couch and slowly eased himself up. “Come sit next to me,” he said as he patted the sofa.

Ianto walked over and sat down, “Your feet are swollen.”

“No deflecting Ianto,” he chided gently. “You’re clearly bothered by this.”

“I’m not bothered, I’m just thinking that all the books say a light green color is good to retain a sense of calm in a child’s room.”

“And I disagree, I think orange-yellow is a great color for a nursery, it’s very happy and bright.”

“It’s also the color of the inside of the TARDIS,” Ianto sighed.

“Why should that be a problem?”

“I just don’t think it’s an appropriate color because of your propensity to go running OFF with the Doctor,” Ianto said slowly. “One day you’ll go, not come back, and our child will be left staring at the walls of their room reminding them of who their father chose.”

“I came back the last time didn’t I? And is the color more of a worry for the sprog’s tad more than the sprog?” asked Jack, realisation finally dawning.

“Yep, it’s the tad who’s worried,” sighed Ianto. He rested his elbows on his knees and stared across the Hub.

“A fine mess we’ve made of things Jones, Ianto Jones,” laughed Jack as he patted his protruding belly. “How’d we get here again?”                                                                                                                                                                                                

“I believe by forgetting that oestrogen in the rain isn’t a good method of birth control?”

“Yeah, especially during the hottest and driest summer in recent Cardiff history?”


“What was it I said?” asked Jack. “Oh! You can predict the rift, a weevil’s fashion sense, Gwen arguing with Rhys at least once per day, but you can’t predict the weather.”

“Now we’re down to fighting over wall color,” said Ianto. “I still think light green would be better, and we can dance around the issue all day long, but I’m still going to think that green is better than orange-yellow.”

“And I’m not, and since I’ve done all the work these past months, I’m deciding what color to paint the nursery, end of story.”

“You’ve done all the work?”

“Yes Ianto, I’ve done all the work. You got to have the fun eight months ago, and I’ve been hauling around a whole extra person, my body, my baby, my choice. Deal with it.”

“Deal with it?!” Ianto spluttered incredulously, his voice rising an octave.

Jack stood slowly and turned to face the younger man still seated on the couch, “Yes Ianto, deal with it. My body, my baby, my choice!”

“Blimey Jack, if you’re going go all feminist on him, you should at least wait until I get you a bra to burn while you do it,” a voice said from behind him.

Jack looked over his shoulder at the invisible lift as it descended into the Hub. “Doctor? What are you doing here?”

The Doctor stepped off of the lift as it came to rest in the floor. “Your Ms. Cooper called me. She said that you were having a problem that I might be able to help with - Really Captain?” he sighed as Jack turned to face him. “How did this happen?”

“A dry spell.”

“Oestrogen in the rain, Captain you know better!”

“Yes Doctor, we’ve had this discussion, many, many, many, many times,” said Ianto.

“Oh! Sorry, so this domestic problem, what is it?” said the Doctor.

“Wall color,” replied Jack, sitting back down.


“The color of the nursery to be precise; all the furniture is there, the supplies are ready, but there is nowhere to put them because the walls haven’t been painted.”

“Seriously?” asked the Doctor.


“That’s it?” he asked incredulously.

“No, that’s not it,” said Gwen from the kitchen area. She walked over to where the men were standing and smiled at the Doctor. “Thank you for coming. I was getting tired of playing nursemaid, referee, judge, and jury for them during every little domestic they had these past few months. Will you help me please? I don’t know, step in and solve their disagreements, something, anything really would be a help.”

“Well, my only requirement is that they have to agree to my decisions. No changing them, nothing, no addendums, rewrites, amendments,” the Doctor paused, “and we can consider this little stopover a baby gift!”


“If you’re okay with that Ianto, than I’m okay with it,” said Jack.

“Fine,” he said shortly. “Fine, I just want this sorted.”

“Excellent!” the Doctor said happily. “Then let’s begin…”


Two Weeks Later


“Jack, what do you think?” the Doctor asked. He stood in the doorway of the little nursery and watched amusedly as the captain waddled around and stared at the décor in shock.

“Doctor? It’s brilliant. Do you like it Ianto?”

The Welshman stepped around the Doctor and into the room; he looked at everything three times over and then smiled. “This is perfect,” he said. “Absolutely perfect.”

The room had been painted a soft blue, the color of a spring sky in Cardiff. Each corner of the wall was decorated with a different type of flowering tree, and Jack was amused to see a banana tree in the corner closest to the window. An outline of rolling hills ran round the bottom of the wall, and was filled in with a light shade of green. The furniture was arranged so that paintings on the walls were viewable at any angle, and indeed it was the paintings of the people on the hillsides that stuck with Ianto and Jack the most. Toshiko and Owen smiled at them from underneath a blooming apple tree, Martha stood by them, Gwen and Rhys were next to her, in one corner stood Rose with her gentle smile, Mickey was close to her, waving haphazardly at them, and above them all flew a grey and green reptile, complete with a big smile. Finally, Jack’s eyes came to the TARDIS as it rested under the banana tree, with the door open and a skinny arm poking out in a cheery greeting.


Four Months Later


“And that’s your Auntie Tosh, our resident genius. She was able to fix anything, she even saved your hometown from certain destruction, but most of all, she loved everyone, and was so kind, you would have loved her, and she would have adored you. Next to her is your Uncle Owen, not the nicest of men, but one of the best people your dad ever knew, in his own way, he’d have loved you too.”

Ianto leaned on the door jamb and watched Jack tell their daughter the latest stories about all of the heroes that graced her nursery. “Jack?”

He paused in his recollections and turned towards the door; the small baby girl in his arms gurgled happily and kicked her feet at sighting her tad. “Yes Ianto?”

“It’s Sophie’s bath time,” Ianto replied. “Everything’s ready.”

“Okay munchkin, you heard your tad; it’s bath time!” Jack said happily. He swung the little girl over his head and watched her smile and giggle.


17 Years Later


“Sophie! Sophia Rhiannon! Have you got everything?” shouted her father from down the hall. “Sophie! Come on, you’re going to miss your flight!”

“Not with the way you drive Dad,” replied the young woman. She stared at the walls of her room, taking in the faces that she’d grown up with, each one with a different litany of stories. She brushed her brown curls out of her face and turned to the door.

“Having second thoughts about going?”

“No Dad,” she said softly. “I just miss him.”

“I know baby, I miss him too. He would be so proud of you, off to university, top of your class, technological genius, barista, the list is endless.”

The teenager let out a shaky breath and picked up her carry-on bags, “Let’s go.” She walked towards the door, pausing to run her fingers over the latest addition to her wall, the picture of a shy young man dressed in an immaculate suit and holding a cup of coffee.

“Did I ever tell you about the time your tad helped your Aunt Rose and Aunt Martha find the Doctor, and pull planet Earth back?” asked Jack as he slung his arm over Sophie’s shoulder. He walked with his daughter out into the hall, trailing his fingers wistfully over the new picture.

“Yeah, but tell me again, I love that story…”


So that’s it! Hope you liked it!
And there is going to be more, my first whole series!





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