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Here's the master list for the Sophie stories in the order they should be read. I hope everyone enjoyed them!

Orange-Yellow (The Overview Story)


The First Year

The Third Year

The Fifth Year

The Seventh Year 

The Seventeenth Year

Disclaimer: I don't own squat, no seriously, the only thing I own is a figment of my imagination (Sophie), the people and corporations that should own Doctor Who and Torchwood do, the lucky bastards.

With thanks to my betas [livejournal.com profile] cookielaura and [livejournal.com profile] zazajb and [livejournal.com profile] lilferret without whom, this series would have fallen flat, completely flat.
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Has anyone got a dreamwidth invite code they'd be willing to share?
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Disclaimer: No, no, no, no, I don’t own Torchwood, I mean I wish I did, but nope, all the people and corporations who are supposed to own it, well, they do, the lucky SOBs.

Summary: Sophie feels every time her father dies, and comforts him in her own unique way. This takes place post “Orange-Yellow” and “The BIRTH Day” in the Sophie Series.

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Sophie (HER I own), Gwen

Rating: Um, PG-13 I think?

Spoilers: Nothing, I think

Beta: Nobody but me, sorry for all of the mistakes, I am a comma queen, and this is more of an attempt to just unlock my writer’s block, so details like grammar don’t really matter (and I’m an English teacher, sheesh!) *blushes*

Word Count: 1,308

A/N: Major AU, major angst, with a dash or two of fluff


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My family drives me nuts, they just do, it's a fact, but there are times when my Grandma say things that are just GREAT! Take today for example, after cleaning her house, and helping her get set up on a Seniors dating website, we were eating dinner and discussing things in the news round Seattle. One of the big stories in the area was the trial of a man who brutally raped and murdered a woman while her partner was in the house, he was trying to get off on an insanity plea, and happily, it did not work, this lousy piece of garbage should fry for what he did.

But that led to other discussions about civil rights and such, and out of the blue my wonderful and amazing Grandma looks at me and says, "And what's the big deal about gays and lesbians getting married? Why can't they? My god, they aren't bugging anybody, and everyone should be allowed to express love!" What makes this a big deal is that my Grandma, like a lot of good Filipino women, is a devout CATHOLIC!

*Giggles* I love my Grandma and I just had to share her awesomeness with everyone!

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or Doctor Who, never could, never would the way my luck is running lately.

Characters: Sophie, Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Eleven

Spoilers: Nothing, honestly nothing at all…I think

Summary: Sophie is 17 and off to university, or so she thinks…

Rating: PG (but grab some tissues)

Beta: No one, so the mistakes are mine and mine alone, hopefully there aren’t too many of them

A/N: It’s the final (chronologically so) Sophie story, there will be a few other ones, maybe a Christmas one, maybe one about Sophie’s Welsh lessons with Ianto, a little more fluff to make everyone smile.

A/N 2: It’s very alternate universe, very, very alternate universe.

A/N 3: Time spans are all messed with here, just don’t think about it too much and go with the story, it won’t hurt your head that way.

Word Count: 1,869

Reviews, constructive criticism, comments are always appreciated.


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 Disclaimer: I don’t, I just don’t, I wish I did, but I don’t. I only own Sophie, a bit sad really, I own a figment of my own imagination.

Summary: It’s Sophie’s seventh birthday, and it actually isn’t that bad a day!

Spoilers: DW, the End of Time

Characters: Jack, Sophie, IANTO (SEE, SEE, HE’S THERE!!), Tosh, Owen, Ten

A/N: This follows on from “The Fifth Year” and is the sixth in a series. The next story is the last one.

A/N 2: It’s kind of AU, not usually my thing, but it’s been fun writing the whole series.

A/N 3: I’ve fudged with the timelines A LOT, sorry if it makes it confusing for you.

Beta: zazajb

Word Count: 2,201

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Disclaimer: I own little Sophie, but as for the rest of it, nah, not me. The standard people own the standard things, RTD, Moffat, The BBC, etc.

Summary: Sophie turns 5, it’s a little sad, a little sweet, a little funny, kind of everything in one.

Spoilers: Day 4 and Day 5 of COE, sorry…

Rating: PG

A/N: This continues on from “The First Year” and “Orange-Yellow,” you won’t really get it unless you read those first.

A/N 2: It’s AU, and the fifth in a series.

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Sophie, Ten

Beta: cookielaura, you are wonderful!

Word Count: 2,188


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Disclaimer: If I owned them, this was how it would be, yes, this is how it would be, but alas, I only own Sophie.

Summary: Sophie is three years old today! And at the age where anything she hears becomes something that she’ll repeat.

Characters: Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Sophie, Ten

Spoilers: Erm, I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve spoiled anything really, if I have though, oops!

Rating: PG-13

A/N: This is AU, and fluffy, with a heap of angst thrown in. It follows on from The First Year, and is the fourth in a series.

Beta: zazajb, thank you so much my friend!

Word Count: 4, 124


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Disclaimer: I own Sophie, that’s it, everything else, everything you recognize, RTD and Moffat, and the BBC own – the lucky bastards…

Rating: G or PG

Characters: Jack, Gwen, Ten, Ianto, Sophie

Summary: Sophie is 1! And it’s her birthday, shameless fluff attack! Follows on from my story “The BIRTH Day,” I’d suggest reading that, otherwise you’d be a might confused.

Spoilers: From “Midnight” to the end of Series 4 of DW

A/N: I’ve fudged with the timespans a lot

A/N 2: It’s AU, very AU, if it’s not your thing I’m sorry man, but I’ve had way too much fun writing happy things and shoving my “issues” back into the drawer from whence they came.

Beta: zazajb

For: cookielaura, hope you’re feeling better, and have some more fluff from me!

Word Count: 1,774


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Disclaimer: Boy I wish I did, but I don’t own Torchwood or Doctor Who, the people and corporations who are supposed to own it, do own it.  I only own baby Sophie.

Summary: It’s a birthday story, take the birth in birthday literally peeps.

Rating: G/PG

Characters: Jack, Martha, Ianto, Ten, Sophie

Spoilers: Um, nothing, I hope, I think, yeah I don’t know truthfully…

A/N: It’s AU folks

A/N 2: It’s the second story in a series, follows on from Orange-Yellow

A/N 3: mpreg, mpreg, mpreg

Beta: lilferret, much appreciated! 

Word Count: 1,487


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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of it, the BBC, RTD, and Moffat own Doctor Who and Torchwood, the lucky bastards…

Rating: G/PG

Characters: Ten, Jack, Ianto, Gwen, OC

Summary: Jack is preggers, and emotional.

A/N: In which I venture into the dreaded realm of mpreg, oops.

A/N: It’s also quite AU, sorry if that’s not your thing man, but this plot bunny bit, and wouldn’t let go, still hasn’t let go really, I’m starting to get scared…

Beta: zazajb, you are amazing!

For: cookielaura, feel better my dear! Have a bit of fluff from me.

Word Count: 1,792

Spoilers: I dunno, everything, I think, I have no idea….


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It's report card time for my students, the final one before they get their final FINAL grades for the school year. I'm going through and assessing my kids, marking their grades, tearing up a little bit at how much progress they've made...does my heart good.

Then I go off to a yummy lunch, and come back and holy f-ing heck, I come back and find that my program supervisor has gone through the report cards, and decided that she would "test" my kids to see how much they knew about number recognition. (Basic count to 100, find the numbers, etc.)

She then proceeds to tell me, "M can't recognize numbers, why would you mark her excellent in number recognition if she can't recognize numbers? I know I'd be pissed off as a parent if I thought my son's teacher was giving him perfect scores because she thought that's what I wanted to see. You're doing the same thing as N did when she started teaching nursery school, giving out marks that are too nice."

First of all, I'm a notoriously tough grader, overall a notoriously tough teacher.

Second of all, I assess my students quite well thank you very much, I see them every day, and just because one doesn't perform on command like a trained monkey, doesn't mean that they don't warrant a good grade in a subject that I've seen them struggle with since the school year started, and have watched them make marked, marked, MARKED improvement.

THIRD of all, the fastest way to make me NOT listen to you is to compare me, someone having an advancement degree and having taught for more than five years, to someone who doesn't even have any degree and keeps getting her classroom taken away from her so that she can be trained up some more.

End rant....

*goes off to bury my head in the sand until the school year is over*
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So, I love Teacher Appreciation Week, love it, love it, love it, favorite week of the year really.

This way for insanity....and venting....and whinging....sorry..... )

For all the teachers out there! )
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Favorite week of the year, things....

1) I love plants, love, love, love plants, but I kill plants, can't help it, I'm green thumb challenged. So why is it, when my students know that I kill plants, they've watched me do it all year......do they GET me plants for teacher appreciation week???????? I know I know, it's the thought and all, but it still makes me laugh every single time they bring me a plant and give me a big smile.

2) Parents, please, for the love of all that is holy, don't stress out about this week....EVER. Any real teacher worth their salt just wants a thank you, a nice note, that's really it. The sentiment is more important than the stuff. Case in point, a parent who lives 40 minutes from the school and works 20 minutes from the school wants to bring things for our pot-luck lunch that the administrator is throwing for all the teachers, she's hemming, hawing, stressing, and I finally said to her, "Look, if a nice note is easier for you, it's okay with me, and if you really want to do something, I like coffee." She smiled, and said, "Okay." I thought to myself, Seriously? I'm placating this woman!? WTF?! Does NO ONE write thank you notes anymore? Does no one take the time to SAY thank you anymore? 

3) Today when I walked into the classroom with my kids, one of my girls brought me the plant and the card she wanted to give me, and said this: "Ms. Jolene, I brought you a plant, a pink plant 'cause I know you like pink, and the card, look at the card!" Bless her little heart, a pink plant right? :) Then this happened, one of my boys piped up and said, "Yeah, and for teacher day Ms. Jolene, I'm going to show you what mommy bought ME as a present last night at Great Wolf Lodge." 8 hours later and I'm still laughing about that one! :)

And in other news, I have another idea for a story.....it's kinda morose, sort of, at least in my head it is, I can't seem to break out of the moroseness when I'm writing.
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Here's another story....


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So I wrote a short story, a ficlet if you will, something that'd be rattling about in my brain for a few days...

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Apr. 24th, 2011 09:26 am
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So I'm a child of a broken home, actually two broken homes now. And what I'd like to know is, why is it when I say, "Please leave me out of the drama, divorce, anger, and general grumpiness," THAT NO ONE, ESPECIALLY MY DAD (S) LISTENS TO ME!

My mother is not the easiest person to be around, I get that. I get that she pushes men away, she's learned from her mother, who was married FIVE, count 'em, FIVE times.

But my mother tries really hard not to draw me into the middle, she really doesn't. I think it's part of her pushing people away, and keeping things close to the vest more than it is out of motherly concern for my feelings, but I still appreciate being kept out of it.

My Dads though, holy crap, divorce brings out the WORST in them! My biological father, between marrying women who liked using me as a punching bag, my mother included (because I'm not messed up ENOUGH) had more fun dragging my mother's name through the mud, and plying me with candy, sweets, trips to Mexico and Disneyland, and I loved it. I thought that he was showing me love, no, what he was showing me is that he could do things better than my mother, and he loved telling me that. I was A KID, A BLOODY KID and got so confused!

Now my step-father is back from Thailand, where he ran off four years ago with a new girlfriend, and trying to sell my childhood home. He tries his best to draw me into arguing and agreeing with him when he rags on my mom. Like I've said, my mother ain't the easiest to be around, and liked using me as a punching bag every now and then, but I can see that she's actually hurting from her third marriage ending. It's made her face her actions, and she's actually gotten better about being less mean and brutal to people, especially me, which I really appreciate.

I told him, very clearly, "She's hurting. If you could actually talk to each other, talk, not scream, not accuse, but just TALK. Maybe you could find a compromise."

But no, there's no talking, there's just, "Don't you agree that she's a 'you-know-what'?" And I'm drawn into the middle, gahhhhh, please, just leave me out of it!

Sorry for ranting, but just, arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!